Nobody Wants a Stinky Yard

Nobody Wants a Stinky Yard

Hire The Dorky Electrician for septic tank services in Coplay, PA

A malfunctioning septic tank can lead to sewage accumulating in your yard. Contact us as soon as you notice a septic tank issue. We can come out and inspect your septic system, locate any issues and fix them on the spot.

Hire us to:

  • Unclog your septic tank
  • Remove invasive tree roots
  • Fix a septic line leak
The Dorky Electrician, LLC also offers septic tank maintenance services in Coplay, PA and surrounding areas. Septic tank maintenance can identify small issues before they snowball into major problems, saving you money in the long run. Sign up for septic tank maintenance services by calling 610-226-2784 now.

Is your well pump malfunctioning?

Don't panic if your well pump stops working. We can send someone to repair it right away. The Dorky Electrician specializes in well pump and septic tank repair services in Coplay, PA.

Call us out to repair your well pump if it's:

  • Short cycling
  • Low on water pressure
  • Not working because of a broken motor control switch
Reach out to us right away to schedule well pump or septic tank maintenance services.