Need Reliable Electrical Assistance?

Need Reliable Electrical Assistance?

Get professional electrical services in Coplay, Pennsylvania

Don't try to repair your faulty electrical system yourself. You could get shocked or install something incorrectly and cause a fire hazard.

Hire our experienced electrician to:

  • Upgrade your electrical panel
  • Replace your faulty wiring
  • Fix your main neutral connection
  • Identify devices causing power surges
  • Install new outlets and lights
  • Repair damaged circuits
The Dorky Electrician, LLC offers electrical services in Coplay, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today to arrange for electrical installation or repair services. We can install your electrical appliances quickly and correctly.

Want to lower your energy bills?

The Dorky Electrician specializes in electrical installation and repair services in the Coplay, Pennsylvania area. Rewiring your home or commercial facility can:

  • Allow you to use all of your electronic devices without overloading your system
  • Give you access to more electrical outlets
  • Reduce the chance of electrical shocks and fires
  • Lower your energy bills
Reach out to us right away to ask any questions about the electrical services we offer, or to schedule a service call.