So who is The Dorky Electrician? 

Hi! My name is Russ “The Dorky Electrician”.

I’ve always had an interest in electric since I was young. My dad taught me a lot of basic theory about electricity and I learned a lot on my own from the time I started sticking paper clips into our basement receptacles, and wondering what kind of problem it would cause.

I stopped doing that of course when I found out I could electrocute myself and how much harm it could do. Also because my dad got tired of wondering why the receptacles stopped working. What did I know. I was just a curious kid. I found out the hard way that metal and electric just doesn’t mix.

So into the future and years later. I now have plenty of experience working with electric and figuring out why and how it stops working.  27+ years of experience and counting as an accomplished electrician.

I moved around working as an electrical apprentice and journeyman for years under multiple electrical contractors. I’ve worked installing new services to high voltage underground power cables and transformers at places like McQuire Airforce Base, Fort Bragg, and even in the airplane hanger where the Hindenburg blimp was stored in Lakehurst, NJ.

Moving on from there I settled to work in many different commercial facilities, buildings, car dealerships, residential homes, and office buildings.

Now, here I am in Coplay, PA. Having obtained my license as a Master Electrician with the City of Allentown, PA.

With the help of my wife this has motivated me to form my electrical contracting business known as “The Dorky Electrician, LLC”. To continue my career in the field of electricity.

My goal is to help as many people as I can with their electrical problems and new projects. But most of all to provide for my family.

Please feel free to contact me any time you’re interested in having any type of electrical work done. Thank you for taking an interest.